The Butcher’s Guide to Beef Cuts

The Butcher's Guide to Beef Cuts

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Causeway Prime: Our very Own Craft Butchery
The culture and the heritage of rearing stock on the farmlands of Ireland allows us to produce the finest cuts of meat within our very own craft butchery. Our farmers use traditional methods – to grow beef, pork, lamb and chicken products full of flavour and goodness; central to the ethos of Causeway Prime.

Our Story
Causeway Prime is steeped in tradition and family history. For over 70 years, the Lynas family has infused passion with the belief that the power of good food can bring people together. From this dedication of providing quality ingredients throughout the island of Ireland the vision of creating a craft butchery came to reality and so Causeway Prime was born.
Causeway Prime has evolved into a bespoke craft butchery that values provenance, hard work and vision. Throughout recent years, our family of craft butchers has grown and so has our unique butchery premises. We provide some of the best meat in Ireland and Scotland with unprecedented quality by drawing on culinary insights and inspirations to bring the finest cuts of meat to your kitchen and menu. We are dedicated to the craft of butchery.

Our People
Our people have a passion for butchery and are continually mastering their craft. We combine experience and expertise to bring you the best and that is what truly sets Causeway Prime apart from the crowd. With many years of experience, our butchers carefully select, cut and prepare your product with the skill and knowledge you expect.
Our Craft Butchery Team brings the flare from the butcher’s shop into the foodservice environment, ensuring that every order, whether large or small, meets your expectations.

Our Farmers
To provide the best, we have to work with best. Before a cleaver is raised, Causeway Prime work closely with Ireland’s best producers developing a true understanding of the methods involved in traditional farming. This also ensures each product has full traceability and that quality is infused in every bespoke craft cut resulting in the best tasting and considerably tender produce for you and your customer to enjoy.