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Product range

We offer a full range of beef, pork and lamb products, supplied either as whole primals or sliced and prepared to meet our customers’ specifications.


All our Beef is carefully sourced from Farm Quality Assured producers, and only the best grades of cattle are selected. Our beef range spans the whole carcass from Cheek to Tail, but our most popular lines are:

The different cuts of beef labelled on a silhouette of a cow
  • Sirloin

    Wet aged Striploin, tender and full flavoured with strip of juicy crackling.

  • Fillet

    The King of Steaks, lean with a delicate flavour.

  • Rib-Eye

    Delicately marbled, rich and full bodied. Can also be supplied on the bone in a variety of cuts including côte de boeuf.

  • Rump

    Very lean and distinctively flavoured.

  • Silverside/Topside

    A must for any Sunday Lunch.

  • Flat Iron

    Nicely marbled lean steak cut from the feather muscle (blade). At its best cooked hard and fast, and served medium rare for optimum tenderness.


Our signature “Brooks” burger available in 4oz, 6oz & 8oz.

Minced Steak

Premium quality beef, minced onsite.


Our Lamb is reared and sourced locally, and hand selected by our suppliers to meet our exacting standards. Our most popular lines include:

The different cuts of lamb labelled on a silhouette of a sheep
  • Leg

    Bone in, rolled & tied, or cut to steaks, a versatile and richly flavoured cut.

  • Shoulder

    Cooked low and slow, either with the bone in or out. Chops are very popular also.

  • Rack

    Whether full or part racks, adding French-trim will look spectacular on the plate.

  • Shank

    The darling of the gastro-pub.


The foundation of every good stew or curry.


Our Pork is locally sourced, exclusively using Companies who are members of the NI Pork and Bacon Forum. Best sellers include:

The different cuts of lamb labelled on a silhouette of a sheep
  • Loin

    Boneless or bone-in, stuffed or chopped, hugely versatile cut with a thin layer of crackling for added flavour.

  • Fillet

    Succulent and delicate, for roasting or steaking.

  • Belly

    Crispy crackling on top, soft and unctuous in beneath, irresistible combination.

  • Shoulder/Butt

    New Orleans favourite cut for their world famous pulled pork.

  • Ribs

    A variety of styles and sizes to suit every need.

  • Gammon

    Raw or Cooked, Smoked or plain, a myriad of choice.


A variety of traditional recipe Irish Sausages.