Food Safety

 Lynas Foodservice has been built on the reputation of the high quality of our products and recognition of our commitment to supplying safe and legal products which fully and consistently meet the agreed requirements of our customers in order to maintain and further develop our position within our customer supply base and within the food industry.

The Quality Assurance Manager is committed to working with our suppliers to consistently provide the highest standards of food safety and quality. At Lynas Foodservice we take pride in the quality of the food we supply. Food safety is at the heart of our strategy along with quality, integrity and trust.

At Lynas Foodservice we pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of our markets, customers and consumers. We use this knowledge to develop new product listings and launch successful products that fit consumer lifestyles, giving us a market-leading position. Lynas Foodservice’ approach to new product listing starts with expert sourcing of ingredients under a defined Supplier Management Programme which includes our own Food Safety and Quality Audits.

Each delivery is thoroughly assessed before being accepted to determine all goods meet the agreed specification, specifically the minimum shelf life, required labelling and packaging/product is not damaged. Temperature control is essential upon delivery, ensuring the delivery vehicle and the product is within acceptable standards. Storage and vehicle temperatures are continuously monitored to ensure products remain within specification assuring product quality is not compromised.

We are proud of our robust traceability system which gives us the ability to trace any ingredient/product throughout all stages of operations and distribution ensuring consumer safety and food safety and security. There is a fully documented and tested recall procedure in place in the event of any concerns regarding food safety or quality of any product we supply.

Every customer query with regard to quality issues is dealt with efficiently, fairly and effectively. The Quality Manager works closely with the suppliers to ensure any query is investigated and fully documented.