As a food distributor it is vital we make our operation as efficient as possible, whether through the energy efficiency of our warehouses or the fuel efficiency of our vehicle fleet.

Energy & Carbon

The Lynas Foodservice way is to continue to reduce the amount of energy we use during operations, storage and distribution of all our products and in doing so, reduce our carbon emissions and overall our carbon footprint.

A number of energy and carbon reduction projects are underway for 2015. Examples of these include several lighting upgrades incorporating energy efficient long-life LED lamps in all our offices and storage warehouses. Timers and sensors will be fitted on all our warehouse lighting in our distribution centre.

Lynas Foodservice management recognises the most important asset available to the company is its workforce. As part of our environmental campaign and to meet the standards and objectives we have set, management will develop the potential of this resource to increase environmental awareness such as ensuring all computers and office lights are switched off when not in use.

An innovative project we are currently working on is to embark on Solar Photovoltaic Systems on two of our sites.


Lynas Foodservice continuously strives to implement the recycling project both in administration offices and in warehouse operations. Cardboard and plastic is retrieved from our Outlet facilities at point of delivery and returned to the main Distribution Centre for recycling.

Transport & Logistics

At Lynas Foodservice we are very conscious of our environmental footprint as we have a large fleet of delivery vehicles and company cars which we continually update with our ongoing fleet replacement programme, ensuring the most environmentally efficient vehicles are acquired. We have a long standing relationship with our vehicle supplier which enables us as a company to keep updated and informed of new innovations on fuel efficiency to lessen our impact on the environment.

We use state of the art software to monitor our drivers to ensure best driving practices, this software automatically alerts our transport and logistics team if these high standards are not being met enabling prompt corrective action.

To achieve the high standards set our drivers undergo an extensive training programme delivered by our in-house “driver trainer” who has himself been Freight Transport Association qualified. This ensures our drivers are educated and understand about driving safely and responsibly, with consideration of their fuel economy and other road users.   This training covers all aspects of what we as a company expect from our drivers, not only their driving skills but also their customer focus, product knowledge and food hygiene and security.

Our transport team are constantly working to ensure our vehicles are routed to the best economic and time efficient targets. As with any large distribution company we have inbound logistics which also have an impact on our “footprint”, with this in mind we work closely with our buyers and suppliers to reduce food miles by collecting as many orders as possible from our suppliers ourselves which again lessens the impact on our environment.

We also have specialised software to manage our drivers hours in order to improve efficiency and ensure legal compliance at all times.