Returns & Uplifts

It is always our aim to deliver industry leading Customer Service and our policy for returning and uplifting goods was created to help us continue to deliver exceptional service even when things go wrong, regardless of who’s to blame. We are dedicated to quality and food standards and consistently aim to match or exceed all those standards and regulations set out by all regulatory bodies.

The best time to fix an issue will always be at the point of delivery while our Driver is present and can make the necessary adjustments to your invoice, this means any credit due will be expedited to you within 48 hours.

The aim of our policy is

  • To speed up and automate the processing and accuracy of any credits that are due

  • To control quality issues ensuring products are correctly quarantined and controlled

  • To reduce the loss & waste of product

  • To comply with all statutory Food Safety regulations

  • To comply with Company accreditation bodies

At point of delivery

  • Your driver will deliver the goods to your nominated area and mark any shortages on the docket for you

  • Within this current delivery all goods must be inspected, upon inspection if you have any products you wish to return for whatever reason, simply pass them to the driver who will mark the invoice accordingly

  • When you sign the invoice it will be to confirm the good condition of the goods received by you and you have accepted due diligence of goods from this point

Due to product integrity and food safety concerns resulting from excessive handling, temperature control fluctuations and other product control quality issues, products are not returnable except at time of delivery.


Product quality issues between point of delivery and product Use By date will be dealt with separately.  These issues must be reported through the following email address: detailing the following key information:

  • Product name and product code

  • Nature of the quality issue

  • Delivery date

  • Use by date

This will then enable an uplift decision to be made where the arranged uplift will be recorded on our system and printed out on the invoice to advise the driver to collect from the customer.  All uplifts must be sent back with their original packaging.

At Lynas Foodservice we take pride in the quality of our products and are committed to supplying all our customers with safe, high quality product at all times.