Retro Is Back

Food is looking back to the future! In the past year, movies such as Ready Player One and the Netflix programme Stranger Things have brought retro back to the masses through nostalgic thrill rides using 80s soundtracks, old school movies and iconic technology.

Nostalgia is tried, tested and makes us feel safe. In this time of political uncertainty consumers are keen to have shared food experiences that bring them together with their friends and family and make them feel comforted. As a result, classic dishes invoking nostalgia are being reimagined for the modern consumer.

Here’s a few ideas for you to try -

  1. Homemade Beans on Toast

    FV9251 - French Village Sourdough Loaf

    S3504 - Haricot Beans

    S6077 - Rich Rustic Tomato Sauce

  2. Fish Finger Butty

    LY1000 - Fresh Cod Fillets 400-600g

    FV9191F - French Village Brioche Bap

    TAR - Chefs Selections Tartare Sauce

    S3535 - Marrowfat Peas

    RC094 - Fresh Chips

    RC147 - Fresh Baby Gem Lettuce

  3. Chicken Kiev

    3276 - 230-260g Fresh Chicken Fillet 

    7122 - Garlic Parsley Butter 

    S7021 - Green Pesto 

    PANB10 - Panko Breadcrumbs 

    1207 - Stealth Skin On Chips

    1004 - Green Beans

  4. Coca Cola Ice Cream Float

    S4056 - Coca Cola 1.25 Litres 

    M4 - Lynas Vanilla Ice Cream 

    S1664 - Paper Straws