Our Guide to Avocados

Avocados are completely versatile and can be used as a topping on toasted sourdough, to make a healthy smoothie, used in baking a cake or to crush up a marvellous guacamole. From guacamole to whole avocados, we’ve more than you thought.

  1. Frozen Avocado Dices — 4419 (1x500g)

  2. Santa Fe Frozen Guacamole — 4441 (1x500g)

  3. Santa Maria Squeezy Guacamole — 4460 (1x907g)

  4. Fresh Whole Avocado — RC013 (1x18)

  5. Leathams Frozen Avocado Halves — S7075 (60x45g)

  6. Frozen Avocado Slices — 4420 (1x500g)