Street Food Desserts

This summer offer up a selection of colourful desserts that will appeal to kids and the inner child of many grown ups.

Have fun in the kitchen and come up with your own version of a vegan ‘milk shake’. It plays on nostalgia but with a really playful twist for your flexitarian customer base.

Sweet empanadas also taste amazing and if you want something pre made - check out our Portuguese tarts as they taste amazing. Sometimes food needs to be quirky and these dessert ideas will certainly add some fun to your summer menu.

1. Vegan Oat & vanilla Shake

A vegan twist in classic fun:

S1223 - Alpro Professional Oat Milk
8036 - Vegan Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
S1034 - Porridge Oats
S3514 - Chefs’ Selections Mixed Fruit

Portion Cost €5.44 / £0.69 *
RRP €15.25 / £2.95 (77% margin)

2. Portugese Custard Tart

A small sweet treat that packs a punch:

1112 - Portugese Custard Tart

Portion Cost €3.56 / £0.56 *
RRP €9.35 / £1.75
(68% margin) 

3. Butterscotch, Apple & Cinnamon Empanada

Our take on a Latin American classic:

4603 - Jus Rol Shortcrust Pastry
S7211 - Solid Pack Apples
S6015 - Ground Cinnamon
S7529 - DaVinci Butterscotch Flavour Sauce

Portion Cost €2.69 / £0.61 *
RRP €8.25 / £3.95
(85% margin) 


*Individual customer prices may vary.
Please speak with your sales representative for accurate costs.