Raising The Steaks

Causeway Prime is our very own craft butchery and is steeped in tradition and family history.

We believe that the power of good food can bring us together and the culture and the heritage of rearing stock on the farmlands of Ireland allows us to produce the finest cuts of meats within our very own craft butchery.

Add a little retro to your servings and introduce a Surf and Turf dish with a twist: salt and chilli prawns. Or try a sheet pan steak fajita - an excellent sharing main to serve with tortillas and a selection of avocado sides.

1. Sharing Salt & Chilli Surf & Turf

A flavoursome twist on a retro dish. This sharing menu item includes 2 Prime 10oz Sirloin Steaks and 10 Salt & Chilli King Prawns:

T703 - Causeway Prime 10oz Sirloin Steaks
2650 - King Prawns Tail Off
S8212 - Grace’s Perfect Classic Mix
S6030 - Sesame Seeds
CFS - Chinese Five Spice
RC053 - Fresh Coriander

Portion Cost €15.93 / £13.50 *
RRP €35.35 / £29.95 (55% margin)

2. Sheet Pan Steak Fajita

Fajitas are just fun and full of flavour and this is a perfect as a meal for two:

T134 - Causeway Prime Select Featherblade
0012 - 12” Plain Flour Tortilla
4475 - Mexican Fajita Spice Mix
RC164 - Fresh Mixed Peppers Flow Wrapped
RC224 - Fresh Red Onions
RC053 - Fresh Coriander

Portion Cost €6.71 / £5.69 *
RRP €18.85 / £15.95
(64% margin) 


*Individual customer prices may vary.
Please speak with your sales representative for accurate costs.