Sizzling Summer Chicken

Chicken is a crowd pleaser and can take on many flavours from the around the world so don’t be afraid to add spice and originality to your dishes.

Add a little theatre to your menu and serve a Coke Can BBQ Spiced Chicken which is an excellent sharing main and also create extra profit by adding sides separately. We have a vegetarian Quorn fillet served in a vegan brioche to widen your customer base appeal.

1. Grace’s Fried Chicken with Rosemary

Grace’s original recipe blend of twelve herbs and spices gives these 8 pieces of chicken an amazing flavour. Serve as a sharing main:

3287 - Fresh 8 Cut Chicken 1.3kg
S8212 - Grace’s Perfect Classic Mix
RC063 - Fresh Rosemary

Portion Cost €5.44 / £4.61 *
RRP €15.25 / £12.95 (64% margin)

2. Buttermilk Chicken Fillet & Chipotle Burger

Quorn Crispy fillets are a great alternative to chicken. Serve with delicious brioche and crunchy salad:

2053 - Quorn Crispy Fillet
8327 - Kara Vegan Brioche Bap
RC248 - Fresh Red Coleslaw
RC146 - Fresh Baby Gem Lettuce
RC224 - Fresh Red Onions

Portion Cost €3.56 / £3.02 *
RRP €9.35 / £7.95
(62% margin) 

3. Buttermilk Chicken & Waffles w/ Hot Sauce

An American classic, buttermilk chicken on waffles with hot sauce is truly moreish:

3276 - Fresh Chicken Fillets 230-260g
5685 - Belgian Waffle
S8212 - Grace’s Perfect Classic Mix
BMG - Buttermilk
S5109 - Frank’s Hot Pepper Sauce
S7156 - Rowan Glen Sour Cream
RC053 - Fresh Coriander

Portion Cost €2.69 / £2.28 *
RRP €8.25 / £6.95
(67% margin) 

4. Korean BBQ Fried Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings are moreish and a perfect starter especially when paired with our sticky Korean BBQ sauce:

3274 - Fresh 2 Joint Chicken Wings
S7307 - Heinz Sticky Korean BBQ Sauce
S6030 - Sesame Seeds
RC248 - Fresh Red Coleslaw
RC268 - Fresh Haranero Chillies

Platter Cost €1.99 / £1.69 *
RRP €7.05 / £5.95
(72% margin)


*Individual customer prices may vary.
Please speak with your sales representative for accurate costs.